INTIO is an Oncology focused company. INTegrating Interventional Oncology through partnerships with clinicians, researchers, and industry to drive and develop this emerging field.

Leaders in the field of interventional oncology are at the forefront of developing targeted, minimally invasive, image-guided treatments for localized solid lesions.

ClearStart•SVM™ received FDA clearance in December 2011.

At INTIO, we are providing these interventional oncology leaders with solutions for more effectively integrating medical imaging into the entire treatment cycle; not just for image-guidance, but also for planning, targeting, monitoring, and response assessment of solid tumors so that interventional oncologists can more accurately treat cancer.

Clinical science is engaged in a paradigm shift for how cancer is diagnosed and treated. Interventional oncologists are at the epicenter of this shift, where they are poised to revolutionize the treatment of solid lesions.